Waste Wood Grade D Hazardous:

Tiercel Europe’s Grade D Hazardous Energy from Waste system is the answer, with 5,000t per annum of hazardous waste wood converted into 1.6MW of heat or 300kWe per hour of electricity for the site or export to the grid.

Waste Wood Grade D Hazardous

Fully Chapter 4 IED compliant, the system is designed for continuous operation above 1,100°c and to contain the combustion gasses for a minimum of 2 seconds post combustion.  This solution is suitable for deployment on any site licensed to process Hazardous wood waste. The whole system is monitored and controlled by extractive gas testing carried out every 30 seconds to ensure the flue gas emissions are well within limits.

Waste Wood Grade D Hazardous

Our grade D Hazardous waste wood incinerator will allow your site to safely and legally incinerate grade D cutting all costs normally involved in the disposal, as well as generating useful heat and/or electricity. Contact Tiercel Europe for a bespoke quotation for your own plant or if you have a long term supply of Grade D we could develop a fully funded plant on your site.

Waste Wood Grade D Hazardous Worcestershire

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