Our WID compliant Small Scale Waste Incineration Plant (SSWIP)

Our IED/WID compliant biomass boiler systems will enable you to burn Grade C waste wood, and now even Grade D, in a safe and legal manner. This is important now more than ever as the Environmental Agency tighten up their regulations and auditing, to ensure the emissions from waste-burning sites are safe and within legal limits. It is important to ensure you have a complete IED (WID) compliant system, as opposed to only an IED (WID) compliant biomass boiler.

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There are many factors that will influence what you can expect to achieve out of your system. As a rough guide: based on an average disposal cost of £50 per tonne, disposing of 2,500 tonnes of waste wood per year, you would make an annual saving of £125,000; and by burning it in a 1MW boiler and using the energy you generate from it in an RHI-compliant manner, you could expect to receive around £220,000 in subsidies, equating to a total annual benefit of £345,000 per annum. That’s £345,000 pa, excluding all the additional benefits you’ll receive by best utilising the heat and/or power you’re generating by burning the waste wood.

“The quotation and usage was very conservative, we have seen 12% more energy generated than what was originally quoted.”


We like to give our customers accurate figures on what they are likely to make by investing in a system like this as we prefer our customers to be pleasantly surprised by the results. If you would like to see what opportunities are available to you, please take advantage of a free site survey, we’d be delighted to assist you.


By having one of our WID compliant systems, you can:

  • Reduce your waste to landfill, therefore reducing your waste management costs and turn your waste into a commodity.
  • See a rapid return on your investment. Our waste wood boiler systems will typically payback between 2-3 years, after which time they become a valuable income source through government incentives, which pay for a total of 20 years.
  • Rest assured your system is a fully permitted IED/WID compliant, legal and safe to operate system; protecting your health, the health of others and your business.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills, by reducing your reliance on traditional energy sources and reducing the amount of CO2 emitted by waste transfer.
  • Produce your own clean and green Energy from Waste (EfW), both electric and heat.
  • Become a micro-power station and supply your surplus energy to your neighbours, via a District Heating Systems, save them money on their energy bills and have another profitable income stream.