Small Scale Energy from Waste (EfW) Plants

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Tiercel Europe’s Small Scale EfW Plants are IED-compliant and designed to incinerate 21,000t + 10% of RDF shred to 300mm particle size per year. Each plant will generate enough electricity to power 2,300 homes while diverting waste from either Landfill or Export.

The plant has passed independent technical due diligence, comes with a 5-year warranty, and can be deployed within 12 months from order!

The system incorporates combustion technology from our partners Justsen Energiteknik A/S, who have been designing and manufacturing combustion technology in Denmark since 1959. The design uses an advanced water-cooled hydraulic step grate system and hot water boiler to allow the recovery of energy from the feedstock. Ecotec and Justsen have a corporate agreement that facilitates Justsen RDF/Hazardous combustion technology through Tiercel Europe in the UK, Ireland and selected territories across Europe.

Justsen Incinerator:

Filtration and abatement:

The system also incorporates patented abatement recycling technology which reduces the operational cost of the facility by recycling unused abatement chemicals. Fully IED compliant the plant is designed to run to the latest BREF limits as per the table below.

Abatement Recirculation

Energy generation:

Our plant utilises Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Modules to provide power for around 2,300 homes. The equipment allows the production of electrical energy utilising a heat source through the turbine of an ORC. The ORC unit is a system based on a closed-loop thermodynamic cycle for the generation of electric and thermal power, especially suitable for distributed generation. ORC systems can generate electric and thermal power exploiting any heat source (such as waste incineration).


Fully IED compliant the plant is designed to run to the latest BREF limits as per the table here:

Parameter WID/IED Maximum Half Hourly Average values  WID/IED Maximum Daily or 8 hourly average values New Draft BREF Dec 2018 Max Daily or 8 hourly average values
Particulate 30mg/m³ 10mg/m³ 5mg/m³
Hydrogen Chloride 60mg/m³ 10mg/m³ 6mg/m³
Hydrogen Fluoride 4mg/m³ 1mg/m³ 1mg/m³
Sulphur Dioxide 200mg/m³ 50mg/m³ 30mg/m³
Organic Compounds 20mg/m³ 10mg/m³ 10mg/m³
Oxides of Nitrogen as NO2 400mg/m³ 200mg/m³ 120mg/m³
Carbon Monoxide 100mg/m³ 50mg/m³ 50mg/m³
Cadmium and Thallium and their compounds N/A 0.05mg/m³ 0.02mg/m³
Mercury and its compounds N/A 0.05mg/m³ 0.02mg/m³
Other heavy metals, combined N/A 0.5mg/m³ 0.3mg/m³
Dioxins and Furans TEQ N/A 0.1mg/m³ 0.04mg/m³

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